Tuesday, 25 June 2024

President's speech

Mahasabha’s President, Dr.Shamanur Shivashankarappa in his Presidential address I welcome Dr. Bheemanna Khandre, Ex-President, A.I.V.M., Senior Vice-President, & President, Karnataka State Unit Shri N.Tippanna, all the office bearers, president and general secretary of women’s wing, presidents and office bearers of district units, all the members and, ladies and gentlemen. I express my gratitude to Jagadguru Dr. Shivamurthy Shivacharya Swamiji of Taralabalu for providing this auditorium. I also welcome dignitaries and achievers of the community who have responded to our invitation. Already many resolutions have been passed by the members after deliberations. Your suggestions to counter the injustice meted out to our community will be considered. Many members have opined that henceforth general body meetings should be held in different district centers of the state. Accordingly the next general body will be held in Belagavi and ex-minister Malharigowda S.Patil will welcome you all there. Funds of the Mahasabha are neither misappropriated nor pilfered. In neighboring Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and TamilnaduStates Veerashiva-Lingayaths are already included in OBC category. We are striving to get the same status in Karnataka also. I feel that in the census to be conducted in April, we should all unanimously identify ourselves as Veerashaiva-Lingayaths without mentioning the sub sects. Let there be no confusion in this matter.

A legislation to control the mutts has been submitted in the cabinet which has attracted stiff opposition. During the coalition government of BJP and JDS, such a proposal was submitted when there were scandals in some mutts. This was the outcome of the affidavit filed in the Supreme Court by the state government stating that it wants to implement a legislation to control the mutts. All the ministers have vehemently opposed this motion in the cabinet meeting. The chief minister, considering the opinion of the ministers and the general public has instructed the concerned department to withdraw it. As the pontiffs and devotees are still in a state of anxiety and confusion. The Mahasabha intends to put pressure on the government to officially announce that the legislation will be withdrawn.In Kerala a grand ‘VeerashaivaMahasangam’ was organized on 28 December 2014 which was attended by more than one lakh people. I congratulate the state president ShriT.P.Kunjumon and other office bearers for the grand success of the program.

Let us organize a grandiose Veerashaiva-Lingayath conclave in Bengaluru in coming March or April. All the district and taluk units will be informed about it in due time and they are expected to bring in large number of participants. As the Mahasabha is not in a position to bear the expenses, the concerned units will have to bear the expenses. All of you should make it a grand success and you should enroll more members. Let us all strive to unite and strengthen the community. Let us propagate Basavanna’s principle ‘All are equal’. Assistance and cooperation of all the members are essential to achieve all these goals. New Year and Sankranthi greetings to you all.

Vote of thanks.

The meeting concluded with the Secretary Shri Kalyanarao Muchalambe thanking all those responsible for the success of the meeting.

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(Eshwar Khandre, MLA)

Secretary General

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(Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa, Minister)