Monday, 15 July 2024

A short introduction to the convention elevations:

Ruth dharmadindale philosophers of society, culture, progress, literary elevation, please note that the development of the country, the overall development of society, AD In 1904, in consultation with the leaders sacrosanct Hanagal kumarasvamigalu philosophers 'general meeting of the All India philosophers' was founded by the philosophers of the society.

Bhakti Bhandari basavanna, unfold sadrsavyaktitvada allamaprabhu, Karamyogi siddharama, it's wise to cennabasavanna, sarane akkamahadevi, the unrivaled surrender saraneyarinda udattavu balisthavu the global recognition gained by the philosophers of religion, ritual aspects of awareness, tattanvi, significance, the goals of understanding the literary culture of the survival of the development, philosophers samajadavaralli the awareness mudabekagide . Darsagalannu tattanvi religion in the world is currently necessary to transmit dhamarika organization. Dharmajagrtiya philosophers round by the evolution of society, to find prosperity.

As a result of the establishment of full consciousness to the convention philosophers country. As a result, the land now, education, law, medicine vast experience in the social field, literature, art, etc. purobhiddhiyagide. All Indian philosophers General Assembly, convening philosophers society groups, philosophers studied the camp, meeting at the seminar, worthy of honor, fulfilling the bull bedagalannu Jayanti celebration of the drawbacks of the need to stem the philosophers of the most important events in this regard, and tens, avannella puraisikollutta maniha his society groups to expand its program to the other samajadavarigu stands.

The philosophers of the development of society, thinking, aspirations iderikeyalli a significant role in the general meeting of the All India philosophers. Social philosophers religiously, educationally, economically and culturally diverse, robust step ahead of the munnadeyidalu achieved, the General Assembly of the All India Veerashaivism source of energy prayatnisuttida