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The General Assembly established the background

The caste system, lift and communal society, education, social maudhyategalalli madugattidda philosophers, cultured oscillation, all-round development of society talasparsa thinking, 'society incorporate the feel, philosophers suliyatodagitu manadaladalli leaders. It was organized by a new form of well-organized flows should be shared by more than virasai gone. Adagabeku virasaivadharmada representative body. Reinforcing solidarity between the different classes and groups in society kalacihoda emotional side, I've found all the links, a strong need for soldering.

In visvadharmavannagisuvadu philosophers of religion, philosophers Liṅgāyata pratiyorva the primary duty of a gentleman. Between those long and deep cultural heritage of the millennium melaisikondide current religion. Utkrstasali different lingavanta religion, culture, home to substantial. Coordination of the unique formula of unity in diversity keeps a mysterious inform. Atyudbhutava scientific research achievements and unique adventures prakrtiyanne tammicpheyante controlled by the ascaryakariyenisuva new, exciting energy from continuing. Likewise human love, cooperation, peace, equality, celebrating the centenary of bhavaikyateyantaha sumptuous today celebrating the noble values ​​of the Convention virasaivadharmada busy preaching. Presiding over the convention vahisuvavarige adhivesagalalli always worried about the society. I ask all the problem without a solution to the problem sucisiruvaru to give up.

Jagadguru of Chitradurga in 1869 with the help of Mr. marugharajendrasvamigala the purakavembante established a boarding Belgaum. Similarly, in 1883, and aratala rudragaudaru gilaganci gurusiddhappa harder and harder, "Liṅgāyata Education phandu" established. If we are abhivrddhiyabeka lingavanta ondugudabeku society. Chalagarike faith in the face of society should be able to avoid the inconvenience. The development of the society be lifted our quality of life. Dasadikkugalindalu good of the human race baci hitavagaballa lingavanta hugging religion. From time to time in different parts of the religious debate on land, the land of their jnanasudheyinda the influence of light, great, immortal vacanakarara superseded messages, pulse janasamudayavillide clean living. Religion, ethics, religion virasaivavagide ahinseyantaha eternal purgatory supreme value of the claim. Sadicphe server sadasayagalinda seeks the 'philosophers of the All India Council of the Cultural Center of the racisabekemba asottara, then hirikiriyara nelenintittu mind. "There are ways to improve the condition of our society has never made the effort unless prantagalalliruva Veerashaivas ommanassininda flock together, uddevu koneganuvadu this is impossible. This is the case with the General Meetings of the society to come laksanyikke leaders tried to add to resolving their determination to implement.

The construction of a dynamic and progressive religion in polite society ghanoddesagalannu sankalisikondide philosophers. Since the time today to achieve equality in the states of Maharashtra, Solapur, North Karnataka, Dharwad and Mysore States, the main kendragalenisiddavu lingavantara. Kendradavaru together all the "philosophers mahasabheyannu sampatsamrddhavagisabeku enclosed land, culturally had tried to lay in the goodwill. The goal was melaisittu prativyaktigala eyes bright future. Progressively organized religion, caitanyapurnasakti a rich society, which had organized signs odamudittu intransigence. At the same time contributed to the development of the country aratala rudragaudaru and kept trying to gurusiddhappanavaru gilaganci. Dharwad, Karnataka gandumettina the hrdayasthala, lingavantara pride in the cultural center. Many inferred, educated people kanaratakavu Kannada religion, the history of the bittatodagiddaru manadaladalli for the upliftment of the people of the seed.

He Veerashaivas' lingayat vidyabhivrddhi firm was kept Liṅgāyata scholarship students attended the meal, udigetoduge, to their all-round development munnadediddaru housing. Other issues to be discussed and solutions to discovering the object of the society opted to philosophers. By 1901, seeking compensation for the three problems of the most important philosophers standing over her flock.

1. Drafting show that Veerashaivas of uccavargakke society. 2. Establish Veerashaivas organization Mr. madvirasaiva General Meetings. 3. philosophers viraktasvamigalige shall be brought back to the loss of the right to addapallakki festival.

Sanghatitagollabeku before society. That was the dream of philosophers to be leaders in the development of Veerashaivas sarpangina.

In the past, Mumbai haikortanavaru "against Gopal Hanuman" and concluded that the case will fall Lingayats vaidikamatada sudravargakke four colors. Sikkiddavo they do not know what evidence the nirnayakaikollalu. Beyond these four races that lingavantavaru ativarna, officers and others to convince lingavanta madikodabekayitu religion. Soon after the conclusion of philosophers religious leaders, philosophers began to search documents heleya classical mythology. Agama literature, the leader of the week removed from their records mallappanavaru sollapurada found Liṅgāyata noise. Philosophers, lingangi, available lingibrahmana words. And get baptized because of all the lingayataru aravannu 'lingibrahmana' that is leading advocates of Wikileaks. Of these employees, because there are people who are leaders in Mysore lingavantaralli kilutarada Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra was added to the four races.

The leaders of the importance of Abhi has gone oppigeyagade vacanasastrada prayagalu. Whom his master, hanugalla Mr Kumar sivayogigalannu sutravagittukondu tengikayi cennamallappanavaru hiriyatanadalli Kittur revanasiddhappa, kongavada cennappagauda, ​​alagavadi rayappa and some sastrigalannu together, "vacanasastravannu talasparsiyagi study 'whom' Liṅgāyata ',' lingasvayata 'and' lingasannihita 'The terms are available. Sex asrayavullavaru lingayataru, lingavantaru. Veerashaivas ivaranne known, then the term of this group serisuvadagali the name of a Hindu Brahmin, kareyuvudagali primes that were not right Sudras, yogyavaduralla. best-in-class should be treated as belonging to the Hindu nation, "he said.

Mr aratala rudragaudaru is currently working as a stand muncunilli decision, Mr siddharamappanavaru degree for lawyers, law experts, including Mr. Veerabhadrappa halabavi the basis of a report prepared MW in English. Enthoven sent Saheb. The opinions of the consolidated server, review the Dharwad region was recognized by the leaders of the majority opinion. In 1909, he created the "hindusthanada dharmakosa" was published in the book. Dharwad is essential that the leaders of the organization had anticipated the thinking of philosophers, educators, officials karyaparavartaradaru immediately. Mysore became the first province to connect janateyodane, C-yon, a retired lawyer. G mahadevayya and police officer. Lecture in English and Kannada languages, harm from them, which were santavirappa religion, social awareness and put nandiyannu. And thinking of adding together all of the major figures. Yogyavenisitu a conference at the jarugisuvadu. Mr Kumar sivayogigala Hanagal just a few days before the 'philosophers of the All India Council of the letters in the name of the first session to perform. Order by oppigeyannittaru leaders. Cannavirappanavarannu tenginakayi karyadhyaksanannagiyu, gurubasappa halakatti and halabhavi Veerabhadrappa karyadarsigalannagiyu chosen him. In 1904, the first adhivesavannu Order 'Liṅgāyata' taunahalnalli rich lingappa jayappa saradesayi kept their solid prepared for the presidency. Orion was already gathering population, vowed to celebrate a grand first session. Equipped with active and progressive social construction of philosophers from time to time ghanoddesagalannu sankalisikondide religion. Utkrstasali widespread regional state philosophers of religion, culture, birth bhumiyeniside sappy. Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala scattered, densely populated state philosophers group. Thousands of years of history, historical parampareyannulla philosophers of religion, nature and beautiful natural treasures, a great deal of opportunity sampatsamrddha religion. Stone, stones, flowers, art, beauty prajnegalinda north aralisi elite Vertu, the world can boast of being the religion of art in the world, won the Excellent. Unity in diversity, finding a formula for reconciliation on Earth.

Nirabhari or three of Jupiter and the common hermit Liṅgāyata vargagaluntu society, bhaktarella belong to the first class in society, religious rites, Move karesikondiddare that nirabhari wanted a sermon. Murugha born again viraktivargadavaralli antahkalahagalu, cilala, sons, and edited sameyavemba five sameyagalu emerged red. Sameyagalu the first three of them are well-known. Some of the most important monasteries in Mysore, Chitradurga, Gadag taluk and hubballiyallive Dambal. The three monasteries monastery before it was a sign of respect mereyuvadu addapallakkiyalli Swami, only survived for a few days on .................. elsewhere in Chitradurga, Mysore, Hubli Dambal and the celebration was cut. Let me start it again in 1902, when Sri Jayadeva murugharajendra devotees of Swami ottayisatodagidaru the successor of Assisi. Hubli and Dharwad as well as the heads of the philosophers kalektararige dambalada applied for the right to Swami. Review sankaramathada believers opposed by the Brahmins. Talasparsiyagi kalektararu to carry out the inquiry, "the public roads, so that the latter can be used to harm the yaradaru" based on the common law, three of Swami 'addapallakki' dorekisidaru traffic rights.

The philosophers of religion sadakalavo jagrtavagiruva allow the religious sentiments come from the energy and spirit agadha. Love, cooperation, peace, equality, declaring bhavaikyateyinda noble values, quality respects all religions, philosophers Britishers in terms of endurance. Isolated, independent religion of Hinduism, gambhiryagalannu has adopted its own dignity. Samajoddhara which was kept Basavanna jagajyoti jagratavide philosophers today. Dharmabhivrddhi, samajasudharane, student, kalakausalyagala happens debates about these elevations. Duragolisikolluva our common ideas, to live ordinary matter abnormalities virasaivarigittu vyaparoddimegalallidda. That should help to empathize with the victims of philosophers philosophers matastharu sanghatakarigittu problems. Always, oilman, simpiga, hadapada, bania, the prospects for the future of Mobile omba Veerashaivas Partisans system had not fatal. Bidugajegollalu of them kept trying to paryavasanagolluvalli jatigagi Basava vrttigale. Aharnisi Veerashaivas 21 adhivesanagalaguvavarege how hard a gentleman faith, religion belagisiruvaru. Mr Period gurubasappa strategically close to the kalagarbhadalli halakattiyavaru held in vacanasastravemba jnanaratnavannu anaghrya. Western researchers Basava kadelakaladaga the presence of iron, to give the light of the vacanasastra basavannanobbana has ittittu as a supplement to the subject. The lyrics of Revelation verse, religion, literature, history, culture has given a new turn. The lightning sancaravagi society, the society was able to gain all-round. The whole history of the progress of individual steps philosophers nade jnanamaya unnatamattakkeri center.

(B) the timing of the convention was pesveyavara background karnatanakadalli the 18th century. And the British karnatakavannalidavaru. Bhaseyenisidare Peshwas state administration, Marathi, English was the dominant language of administration in the State in English. Kannada and Kannada language paradesiyagidda neladalliye, when the convention came from the agency. Dr. Sigihalliyavara balanna opinion, 1. 2. leaders and rulers Marathi-Kannada Nadu olapattudu pesveyavara bhasikaradudu administration. 3. Kannada goodwill sunyaragiddudu

Kannada is maintained during the transition from such philosophers community. "The administration of the formula pesveyavaru kaivasamadikolluvade satamanaralli late 17th century, apparently waiting for the Marathi Brahmins on the left in Kannada, Kannada malamaganante badukuvadannu can still see."

The 19th century, soon after the administration of the formula English hastagatava marathiyannu manedumbida omission, manetumbisikondaru English. Reception Kannada Brahmins are out of the way of both English and Kannada movement is starting to pay off indebtedness stood at the forefront of the liberation rushed. These opportunistic sense to look at the language of ancient India Brahmin Sanskrit race, except for the fragile relationship with the rest of the dictionaries also clear the history ittukondudu. "

In this case, Dr. Saying sigihalliyavaru significant. "What kind of love is constantly eccaragala disproportionate armor paristhitiyalliyu He put the lamp put out disinformation, it is the task of maintaining the pratahsmaraniya lingayat Social maditembudannu saw philosophers, philosophers of language loyalty samajadallidda seems to stand out. That's adherence to the social context of that time," Kannada language 'of repression broke anyabhasa life, rather than asareyagitte meleluvastu hididukondiralu sasaktavagiralilla. the majority of people living in the context of power for a short sankhyataragidda sahiyannu impress philosophers have forgotten their identity, society, the mother tongue is also concerned about the helplessness of society and the limitations of the qualitatively most hiridadudembudanna smarisuttale marked as such. ".

The monasteries played a crucial role in Kannada nurtured by philosophers in those days to arrive. Psalm primary education in monasteries with the Shiva Purana, the discourse of the kapadiruvavu Kannada. All India General Assembly is always true philosophers, religion, ethics, eternal maulayagalannu ahinsegalantaha dharmaveniside paramapavana claim. Progressively, the General Assembly adopted a human of all the nations on the periphery of hitavagaballa good. From time to time, the world's greatest immortal tattanvigalannu, marble similar to the sense mystics, holy men superseded mahatiyannu immortal messages, avinasi religion. Paricayisuttale vaniyannu society has always amrtamaya sivasaranara with caution.

The instruction given to his original motivation sivasaranaru Veerashaivas, saranara "laissez-speech manangalindattatta nirnala svatisayada exceeding Flame", this nadinuddakku belaguttalide. Standing in the life of the soul with the power of systematically managing dhaiya 4 matryadalli handled the art of living. It shall be in its literary gunalaksanagalindalla attraction. As an alternative to the oppressed, novannundavara, orphans, disabled, threw off the inferiority of the best culture, the integration of faith, courage, effort, dasoha, the jivanasailiyannalavadisikonda, while humans should sanmargadarsana literature has been surrendered to the present occasion.

Samajadallirabeka trench down barriers, placed a bold step in the continued march of the valiant, lingavanta religion shall intransigence stable. Caste, creed, sect, female, male, rich, poor, king, citizen hige nirmisuvadu all differences to rebuild the lost congruence avasyakavagidesaranadharma adarsana a richer lifestyle for society, humanity, caste, clan, tribes spare gaganadettarakke Anusandhan upheld equality, social history andandina kannunje bring their tattinvika, rational, moral atmasodha, daivasaktiyantaha vibhanna sets out views on life.

Acarisikolluttiruva grand centenary of the General Assembly in respect of the philosophers of India. He placed a bold step today decency, honor underway. Munnadesuttiruvadu in the form of a tribute to all the relatives and kin as well as philosophers do. Construction of a new joy has arisen in the convention, as well as population. Social reform of the correctional said. Every year the convention sessions should not miss the collection of money for this monumental golden andinindale bagedu that is required of them. Aratala rudragaudaru, gilaganci gurusiddappa, Sardar bullappa, mamale Desai, halabhavi Veerabhadrappa, vantamuri saradesayiyaru others, the society built uddharakke loin. If Nadu Nadu at the General Assembly as well as philosophers, global history alters the feel of the houses as inspiration.